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About CNB Insurance

Strategic Philosophy

At Consumers National Bank, we support a community-based banking model, with the unique ability for fast, flexible service. Whether the customer is walking into a branch or accessing online banking, we are striving to build lifetime relationships and superior shareholder returns.

We consider each staff member a valuable part of our strategy, encouraging continuing education and offering opportunities for advancement within the company. We hope that when a customer interacts with a Consumers National Bank associate, they feel that they've had their financial needs met and expectations exceeded. Our goal is that this be the Consumers experience.

The bank continues to look for better and more efficient ways to improve. By combining today's technology with the experience and commitment of our employees, we are able to offer competitive financial services and meet the needs of a broad range of customers.

We look forward to controlled, steady growth in markets similar to those we currently serve, in both geographic and demographic profiles. We will look for opportunities to generate additional dollars to the bottom line by enhancing core product offerings and adding services outside traditional bank offerings. We strive to provide our customers with accessibility to their banking through personal contact or state-of-the-art technology.

Mission Statement

Consumers National Bank is "Committed to Building Lifetime Relationships." As a community-based banking company, our primary goal is to support the communities in which we do business, invest in those who invest in the community, and become a provider for markets left underserved by larger, regional banks, offering products and services that provide value through each stage of our customers' lives.


  • Grow as an independent community bank
  • Offer comprehensive financial services
  • Attend to customer needs
  • Lead employee development
  • Sustain superior shareholder returns


  • Teamwork - We use teamwork to accomplish goals, focused on the greater good of the bank.
  • Respect - We show respect in our dealings with each and every person, whether they are a customer or not.
  • Ownership - We take ownership of our actions in fulfilling our obligations to the company and the customer.
  • Pride - We display pride in ourselves, in our organization and our communities.
  • Integrity - We understand the importance of integrity in all aspects of our operations.
  • Communication - We stress positive communication within the bank and with the public.
  • Service - We offer service that exceeds expectations.
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